How to Save Your Pub – Alex Martindale

Our venue for the first night of Free Public Lectures was nearly not an option. Closed for 18 months when left to the vagaries of commerce, it was left to a powerful combination of music, spirit and community to bring it back to life. Alex Martindale tells how that all went, the challenges faced, the battles won and the eventual creation of a community asset that hosts music and many other community events, including the Ragged Alliance.

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First free Public Lectures on the horizon

The first of the free public lectures comes to the Charles Napier in a little over two weeks, Thursday 1st December, 7:30 start.  I hope we get a good crowd for the first event and create a spur for the future events, gathering new speakers and ideas as we progress. The build-up has been an excellent experience in itself, with a new community forming around the organisation of the whole event. Read more